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We hope this page will fill you will inspiration to dig deep into your wardrobe and find out those pieces you thought were lost.

Or to hunt through the treasure troves called second hand, and give something a new lease of life.

Failing that why not check out our latest fashion finds to suit any style, or pocket.


to wear now

 Staying at home and dressing up is a bit of a contradiction in itself. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to live in pj’s every day. In fact, putting that little bit of effort into your everyday style can make a massive difference to your confidence and self-worth. So read on for a little bit of inspiration…


twice blessed



High Street Christmas Outfit Inspiration

Just because this year is going to be a little different when it comes to celebrating, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look and feel our best…


Women of Instagram



Social medial can get a really bad rap when it comes to being negative. But what if we turned that on its head and actually celebrated those women who make a difference to our own confidence.

So please check out this post as we discover some of the women who are giving us serious inspiration when it comes to wearing the clothes we love, and stepping out of our comfort zones to embrace our midlife.



twice blessed

How to wear a neutral suit

There has been a dramatic turn around when it comes to feminine styling. No longer are we having to wear a dress and heels to feel good. We can now raid our partner/brother/friends wardrobe instead…

Do we need a midlife overhaul?


The other week I posted a question on our closed group. This was how do you feel about being referred to as a Meno, and do you feel that it is right to be labelled as being in Mid Life?

Now I would say that the general consensus to this is a 50/50 split.

And of course, I suppose it depends on whether to see either term as derogatory!

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