How to wear a neutral suit

Neutral suits are a must for this Autumn/Winter and I can bet that we all have the odd suit knocking around in our wardrobes, or a dusty old suitcase in the loft. Well, it’s time to dig them out because they are your new best friend when it comes to layering pieces.








The great thing about suits right now…

is that they are all oversized, which of course is a bit win when it comes to layering that extra thick jumper underneath.

When it comes to suits, our second-hand charity shops are full of them in the men’s section, and the Neutral ones tend to get left behind, so they are easier to get your hands on.

A top tip to checking the size without trying them on is to put the waistband around your neck. If it meets then it will fit your waist!! I have no idea why this is my it seems to work.

And you could always raid the wardrobe if a male partner, brother or Dad because I bet they have a few knocking around that have not seen the light of day for a while.

The High Street is awash with some fabulous pieces…

This beauty is from Top Shop. The fabric gives the appearance of wool without the itch. The colour is warm yet not overpowering.

It would also look fabulous with a hoodie underneath or a thick cream jumper as a neutral suit is so easy to style.

I for one am a little fed up with wearing jeans, so these trousers give a great relaxed alternative. Oh and the waist is elasticated, something we all need during the Christmas period!


Photography: Paul Cale

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