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What Exactly is Menopause Support? Do I really need it?

What are the facts?

  • Approximately 13 million women in the UK are either Peri or Post Menopausal.
  • Symptoms can last for up to 15 years. They can even begin during the late ’30s.
  • Over 60 per cent of women experience symptoms resulting in behaviour changes.
  • One in four women will experience debilitating symptoms.
  • Almost half of menopausal women say they feel depressed.
  • One-third of women who visit their GP is not made aware of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Over the past 40 years, the UK has seen a continual rise in the proportion of women in employment.
  • The fastest-growing demographic within the workplace are women over 50

How does Menopause affect women in the workplace?

The fastest-growing demographic within the workplace are women over the age of 50. So why is it that so many women are leaving their jobs or walking away from their careers?

The vast majority of the time, this is down to the transitional phase in a woman’s life called menopause. The timeline of menopause typically occurs with perimenopause in the early ’40s and ends, so they say around 55.

You may well ask what all of this has to do with you as a company, but do you know that there are over 30 symptoms associated with menopause affecting women daily. Making even the most simple of tasks seem unbearable. However, you may say a little dramatic can you imagine trying to reconcile figures with severe brain fog and turning bright red and feeling like your whole body is on fire in the middle of a meeting. You are crying for no reason except that you can’t contain your emotions.

Well, these are some of the things that women endure daily.

And it doesn’t only affect our female employees work. It affects their life. Work may the only place that they can escape a relationship that is struggling. Or maybe they have to care for an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s. So being at work brings a release from so many other factors. It’s a place that they can indeed be who they are, except menopause is robbing them of this privilege.

Women are often at the peak of their career during the menopause years. They have worked extremely hard to obtain the positions they hold within organisations, only to find that because of various symptoms associated with menopause, they feel like throwing in the towel and walking away from any form of career.

What’s that got to do with me, you may well ask?

As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that your employees are treated fairly. With the rise of court cases concerning ageism, isn’t it in your best interest to look at possible ways to ensure that the well-being of your staff is at the forefront of your company?

What We Can Help You With


Male Workshops



One on One



Wellness Campaign

Virtual Downloads

Working Environment

Small changes make a massive difference to menopause symptoms. These environmental

Adjustments are often overlooked. We can visit your offices, review your current layout and facilities. Structure and offer solutions that will aid to a better working day for those involved.

Menopause Training for Employees, Line Managers, HR and Occupational Health

All businesses are built on connections and working relationships. Educating all members of the company can mean a better understanding and better working relationships. Quite often, listening to other peoples experiences can make a world of difference to our attitude to one another. For a company to progress and develop, there needs to be mutual respect between departments. For a business to be profitable and grow, employees should be willing to help one another through times that they may find challenging.

Menopause Wellness Campaign

Nothing gets people talking more than a campaign. And one that demonstrates productive action is beneficial not only to a company’s morale but also to building interpersonal relationships. It opens the door to better communication and a far more relaxed and productive working day.

We can work with you by designing a bespoke day event, weekend away, or a presentation with interactive questions and answers.

Menopause Education


With the rise of remote working, it is now possible to give presentations online. These presentations can be linked from anywhere. No one can feel excluded as individuals can either join the link at their desk or in their own homes, open conversations become more prevalent. 

Menopause education is not just for management, but it is also for every woman regardless of age. Many women have no knowledge of what to expect, if their symptoms are normal or where they can go for help and guidance. So our presentations make all of this simple and easy to understand so that women can make better and more informed choice.

Male only workshops and presentations. 

All too often, men are left out of the conversations surrounding menopause. Yet 100 per cent of men will meet a woman who is menopausal at one point or another during their lives.

Quite often, men are afraid to speak out and express their thought through fear of being judged.

Having worked in the construction industry for the best part of 35 years enables me (as the founder) to work alongside men and help them understand and support both their female colleagues as those women who are in their lives on a day-to-day basis.

One to One Mentoring

As Positive Menopause was initially started as a community initiative, we now have abundant experience working alongside women struggling with menopause symptoms.

Therefore, we offer one-on-one mentoring or in small groups where women are free to be open. We can also help you as a company from your internal support group. 

Menopause Policies

Ensuring that there are policies in place to protect women in menopause is vital to any company. However, all too often, this necessity is put to one side. We will therefore review your current policies are work alongside you to incorporate additional structure.

Virtual Downloads

Sometimes it isn’t always possible to organise an event or to have all of your staff log on to be part of a virtual meeting. However, it is always possible for your employees to gain knowledge and information at their convenience. We can give them this option, with the added reassurance that we will follow up on any queries or questions that they may have after viewing.

What Are The Benefits


  • Educating your line managers and staff helps break the taboo of Menopause being discussed openly within the workplace.
  • Giving support to your employees can help their well-being not only in the workplace but also in their personal lives, which will bring greater positivity within the workplace.
  • If you value your employees, they will give loyalty and commitment to their employers.



  • By providing the right type of training and support, you will retain your staff, which will reduce retention and recruitment costs.
  • With the rise in retirement age, women are working a lot longer. In fact, they are only 75% into their career when the menopause transition period takes place.
  • Bottom-line profits are being reduced due to sickness and time being taken off because of debilitating menopause symptoms.







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