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Here at Positive Menopause, we are always looking at ways to encourage our readers to live the life that they deserve. Whether that’s finding a job that they enjoy or taking up a new hobby.

We also believe that we can learn a lot from other inspirational women, so this is an ideal opportunity to share some amazing women online that encourage us to wear the clothes we love and to wear them with confidence.

Lorna Luxe – Lorna

Lorna is a force to be reckoned with. Prior to her success on Instagram, she spent many years as an Air Steward with Virgin Atlantic.

Lorna lives with her very own Mr Big, John and her Dog Bo. She has her own clothing collaboration with In the Style and knows her way around a good bottle of Rose or two.

Lorna has always been extremely transparent about her work and her work ethics. She shares a lot of her life on the Podcast The Emma Guns Show, which is well worth listening to. You catch daily makeup chats on her Instagram Stories, as she shares what’s going on in her life as well as her favourite beauty pieces.

Lorna’s style is classic and feminine with an edge. She isn’t afraid to mix high end with high street, which can be demonstrated with the beautiful mood boards she shares with us.


Twice Blessed

– Rebecca & Marissa

You have probably guessed that these lovely ladies are in fact twins. 

They have recently embarked on a fitness journey which they have shared with us online.

Twice blessed have the ability to make anything look cool, from oversized wide-leg trousers to a classic black dress. Their style is impeccable and yet very easy to be influenced by.

Rebecca and Marissa are also very open about their faith. Hence the name Twice Blessed. They are constantly encouraging and supporting those in their online community which is refreshing to see.

And of course, they are fortunate to live in a very lovely part of the world Australia.




Chloe is a fashion blogger who champions body positivity. She is very passionate about appreciating who you are and she recently demonstrated this by making a video to showcase real women who are proud of themselves.

By day Chloe works for H&M as a Creative Artist – She showcases and co-ordinates all of their new in pieces to give us a taste of what’s great to wear right now.

Chloe has a great style which she demonstrates through her Instagram and her blog. As well as beautiful hair which is always styled to perfection.





Mcgrogs – Sarah

Sarah is from the lovely Emerald Isle (Northern) and is a mom to a very cute daughter.

She demonstrates her love for fashion by showcasing pieces that curate extremely well in a wardrobe that is functional and fashion-forward.

Sarah demonstrates how easy it can be to make sure that your wardrobe works for your day to day life, whilst still looking as though she has spent ages preparing her outfit. And Sarah admits that she hates ironing, something I am sure we can all associate with!!


Tashpantz – Natasha


Natasha’s is a petite minimal style blogger, who helps to encourage women to get more from their wardrobes and dress with confidence.

Natasha also has a great eye for a bargain, as she recently showcased some of her eBay finds on her channel.

She definitely champions women, and is not afraid to speak out against any form of injustice.

Oh, and you can also check out her fabulous decorating skill as she restyles her home which she shares with her partner Marcus.

Like many of us, Natasha loves a balanced life as she shares her cocktail making skills, alongside her victory at the gym.






Karenlowepersonalstylist – Karen Lowe


Karen works with women on a day to day basis as she runs her own Personal Style Consultancy business.

Karen wants to help you put away your lockdown loungewear so that you are able to find your inner Carrie Bradshaw again.

Although based in the South West, modern technology gives us the ability to be able to work together online, so I am sure Karen would love it hear from you if you would like a bit of wardrobe confidence building.





Backofthewardrobe70 – Melissa


Melissa is a Northern lass (Yorkshire) and a mom to four. As well as an eye for a curated style, she also has a great taste in interior design, as you can see from the backdrop of this photograph.

Melissa knows what suits her, and loves to share her style online to inspire us all.

She is always laughing and is full of fun. Someone that you wouldn’t mind spending a girly weekend with.

Wearetwinset – Sarah & Philippa


Sarah and Philippa share a love of all things fashion, beauty and home. They are often seen together on their Youtube channel comparing outfits, favourites of the month or just having a general catch up with us all.

Although they dress very similar there is always something that differentiated between them both, whether that’s jewellery or a hat.

Their fashion sense is so inspirational as it would fit any lifestyle, especially busy Moms like us.

I love the sisterly connection you see on camera between them both, which is something I am sure we would all love to have with our siblings.


With special thanks to all of the amazing women in this post who gave permission for us to share their accounts on this site.

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