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Open any magazine or newspaper these days, and you will be told that your wellness is a priority. Priority is the ultimate word. And I am sure if you are anything like me, priority and wellness can take a back seat. Even if you did want to discover your inner zen, then where can you go?

Well, I may have found the perfect one. Somewhere that become a speed dial favourite—a place of tranquil peace and heartfelt joy.

Wootton Park in the heart of Warwickshire. 

Upon entering the small town of Henley in Arden, your eyes will soon be drawn to the quaint coffee shops, cute eateries, and fabulous antique shop find. So what’s not to love?

A hop skip and a jump later, the entrance to Wootton Park awaits. Set in 360 acres of rolling countryside. You will soon find yourself drawn to its peach and tranquillity. Once parked up and the fresh air has begun to enter your lungs, it’s time to focus on your wellness.

There is something for everyone with various choices, from Forest Bathing (yes, I thought you would need a swimsuit) to Dove releasing. With fresh produce cultivated on the land, the food is luscious. Oh, and you can also have a conversation with an alpaca. That is if your friends are asleep after a restful day and you want to stay up and chat.

If chatting and laughing with a cheeky glass of wine in a hot tub under the stars is more your bag,  then a pod with a hot tub might be up your street. If you fancy taking your other halves, then there’s a cluster of pods with an outside table and pizza oven so that you can share a few pints after a walk through the forest.

Before you pick up that phone to check availability, then I suggest you check out the rooms too. Especially if you’re planning on getting married, or throwing a midsummer party.  Each room has been decorated rather splendidly with an array of travel finds.  

What a beautiful setting too for your wedding photographs, not to mention finishing the evening off dancing around a fire pit.

Vitamin D

Find out more about the retreats offered by Wootton Park here.

Sign up for their free smoothy and juice recipe booklet here.

This post is not sponsored or affiliated. However, Positive Menopause will be providing Menopause awareness education and events as part of the wellness weekend and corporate events offered by Wootton Park.

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