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Positive Menopause provides support, education, and community. Relevant information and real connections ensure a positive journey.

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Our community of women are supportive, friendly and inspiring. Whether we meet online or in person, there is a place for everyone.

Menopause Workshops

Workshops are both informative and interactive. They are designed to capture attention from the outset regardless of the audience.

Personal and Group Coaching

As a certified NLP Practioner, I can help you develop your mindset and improve your relationship with yourself.

Latest Articles

Progesterone – How important is it?

Progesterone – How important is it?

 Progesterone - How Important Is It?I recently visited my GP and asked if she would whip out my Mirena coil as it had overstayed its welcome period of five years. And I figured it was doubtful (although not unheard of) that I would get pregnant. Her answer surprised...

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What’s going on with my weight?

What’s going on with my weight?

Does this photograph ring any bells? From the moment we became aware of our bodies, we became aware of our weight. Unfortunately, on many occasions, we allow it to determine the value we give ourselves.  And with the rise of social media, fitness trainers, slimming...

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Brain Fog or Memory Loss

Brain Fog or Memory Loss

  We can all probably relate to these statements - doing something that seems ridiculous to our usual rational self. Can it purely be down to hormones? At what point do we need to be concerned that something is seriously wrong?Hormonal brain fog? In the early...

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Latest Interviews and Guests

Trailblazer Talk with

Scarlett Allen-Horton – Harper Fox.


Watch our founder Sarah Cale chat with the lovely Scarlett as they discuss all things menopause from why she started the community group to how her passion has grown to help as many women as possible.


Gut Health and The Mind

Rebecca Walstead-Green


Rebecca has over 20 years nursing experience. Her speciality fields include how the gut affects our mind. Her knowledge and expertise in relation to Menopause and how our diet can improve our symptoms is second to none.

Menopause and our brain

Aidan Smith – MA Fitness


Hav you ever wondered how our brain’s chemicals can affect our Menopause journey? Here we delve into this subject along with weight management, nutrition and mindset.

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