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Menopause and Workplace transitions have seen an increase in the number of court cases sighting unfair support and treatment during menopause.

Evidence points to a much higher rate of women in part-time employment after the age of 50 and an overall employment rate of 9% lower than for men. 

Almost One million women have left their jobs because of lack of support, inequality and symptomatic problems.

With this in mind, it is imperative that change begins.


Menopause At Work Downloadable Course/Workshop


Positive Menopause designed the downloadable course based on our presentations and workshops. Created to support HR and Managers in delivering a structured workshop to those employees involved in Health and Safety, Occupational Health, Personnel Management and Team Management.

The course material is structured to provide education around the following areas for both men and women, thus creating an inclusive and empathetic working environment.

The course covers the following areas:-

  • An explanation of what the menopause is.
  • How oestrogen affects a woman’s body
  • What are the physical and psychological symptoms associated with menopause
  • How can menopause affect mental health


  • Why should employers support women in menopause?
  • Tribunal cases
  • Demographic evidence

How can employers support women during menopause with adjustments to:-

  • Guidelines and Policies
  • Environmental adjustments
  • Heath and Psychological Symptoms
  •  How can men be involved in supporting women in the workplace?
  • Additional advice
  • Structured opportunities for employees to approach employers


The package contains:-

  •  Trainer Notes
  • Participants’ Workbook
  • Additional Educational Resources to distribute accordingly.
  • Powerpoint slides (30 No)
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Menopause Awareness Poster


The duration of this short course is approximately two hours.


Positive Menopause can also provide bespoke educational tools around Menopause if you feel it necessary to add or adjust elements of this course. For example, you may want to educate all female employees about menopause, with topics such as symptoms, vital vitamins, gut health and how a positive and rewarding journey can be created.


Please get in touch to discuss.


Examples of course material

Workshop Price £ 225.00

Additional Resouces

The Workplace - Information

Just know the facts and the impact menopause can have on your employees – symptoms can manifest physically and psychologically.

Knowing and understanding these symptoms can make a difference. Add this to making minor adjustments to the working environment will be highly beneficial.


Navigating the Menopause - Fact Sheet

This fact sheet will provide information and details surrounding Menopause.

These details include a list of the most common symptoms providing a guide to monitor your own experiences.

How to approach your employer

Approaching your employers regarding Menopause can be pretty daunting for many women. There are so many ways in which we put off the initial conversation. What do I say, how do I say it. So we have done that for you with this downloadable sheet.

All you have to do is give it to your employer, ask them to look over it, and then return it to you with some feedback. Or you can take pointers and use them in your email, meeting, letter or conversation.


Positive Menopause E-Book

A simple ebook gives you the tools to navigate your menopause journey.

Positive Menopause Journal

A downloadable Journal will give you all the tools you need to ensure your journey is positive. Click the link to find out what is included.

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