Menopause is not the enemy

It is the gateway to a new season


Get to know the Founder and Editor, Sarah Cale


For as long as I can remember, I have always found joy in helping others. Yet, working within the Construction Industry for the majority of my life didn’t fulfil my potential in that area. In fact, at times, it was detrimental to that part of my personality. I mean, construction isn’t precisely the most female-friendly career environment. When I began to go through the perimenopause stage of this season in my life, it felt increasingly tricky. So after some time, I decided that if I felt this way, so were many other women. And working in a male-orientated industry meant that I had no relief or anyone to talk to about this. So Positive Menopause was created to allow me and other women to share and encourage one another.

Empowering Women Through Menopause: A Journey of Support and Growth

For the past seven years, I’ve dedicated myself to guiding women through the often challenging peri/post-menopause phase. Recognising the unique needs of our local community, I’ve recently refined our group to focus on local women, enhancing our ability to connect and support each other through more targeted events and meet-ups, as well as continuing online support for those women who are further afield.

Why This Matters

The journey through menopause can be daunting. Women frequently encounter misinformation, leading to confusion and distress. My mission is to cut through this noise, offering accurate, empathetic guidance. The plethora of misleading information on TV and online only adds to the challenge, making a supportive, knowledgeable community all the more crucial.

Expanding Our Reach

From the inception of our original Facebook group, I’ve expanded our outreach through a dedicated website and a monthly newsletter, offering tips and advice. This digital expansion has enabled us to touch women’s lives globally, broadening our impact beyond our local community.

Collaborations and Contributions

My work has been recognised and supported through collaborations with notable organisations like Wellbeing of Women. I’ve had the honour of participating in events alongside HRH The Duchess of Wessex and contributing to discussions with Holland and Barrett, who have launched their own menopause care line.

In the workplace, I’ve conducted numerous workshops and presentations, raising awareness and understanding among both women and men. My clients include esteemed organizations such as Walsall Housing Group, Electrolux, and The Scottish Whiskey Association.

Community Engagement and Personal Development

My commitment extends to local community work, including partnerships with local GPs and talks for diverse audiences, such as those at Walsall College’s International Women’s Day event. I’ve also established a dedicated WhatsApp line for ongoing support.

My appearances on radio shows and interviews with magazines and organizations further amplify our message.

Qualifications and Holistic Approach

I’ve qualified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to enhance my coaching effectiveness, adding to my expertise in nutrition, health coaching, and personal styling. Understanding that menopause affects health, confidence, and self-esteem, I offer a comprehensive service addressing all these aspects. https://sarahcale.co.uk

Voluntary Work and Professional Services

While much of my work is voluntary within the community, I also offer professional workshops, talks, and styling events in the workplace. These services, alongside special events celebrating women, form a crucial part of my mission.

Hello! Magazine Interview

Wellbeing of women is currently running a campaign to encourage businesses to sign a pledge Menopause in the Workplace. Following on from a Roundtable Event with Wellbeing of Women, Sarah was interviewed by Hello! Magazine for their online platform. Here she tells her story, and how she wants to make a difference both in the workplace and out in the wider community.




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