Guest Speakers

Kathie Bishop (MNIMH)

Kathie Bishop (MNIMH)

Medical Herbalist/Vaginal Specialist

Kathie specialises in helping women who have recurrent vaginal irritation and discomfort (think thrush, bacterial vaginosis, vulvodynia and more) by focussing on exactly what’s going on for you & creating effective, bespoke, holistic herbal medicine treatment plans for her clients.

She has an outstanding array of knowledge and is both approachable and easy to communicate with.

Kathie has worked tirelessly in producing an amazing product in the form of Into the Wylde – Lubricant which she believes can only benefit women in their quest to stop their Fanny from being on fire and feeling like they have ants in their pants.

Kathie is both honest and forthright



Aidan Smith

Aidan Smith

Personal Trainer

Aidan has over Ten years of experience within the Fitnessness Industry and has been involved or influenced countless transformations.

He specialises in all areas of Weight Management whether that be gain, loss or maintenance and believes that he has the formula for success.

I have trained a vast array of clients from all walks of life so believe I have the interpersonal skills to help anyone achieve their dream.  He is friendly, professional, and extremely approachable.

During his career, Aidan has taken the time to study the effects that the Menopause can have on the form. Not only from a physical point but also from a psychological point.



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