Positive Menopause

Supporting and encouraging during all aspects of life…

Positive Menopause means exactly that. Every woman goes through the Menopause and has a story to tell. We want to make that story as joyful as possible. That’s why we have created a community of real women who not only support one another online, but also meet on a monthly basis to chat together on a personal level. To find out more about Positive Menopause and how we can help you work through anything that you may be finding difficult then please contact us below.

How can we help?

  • Menopause training for management and employees.
  • In-house mentoring on a one-on-one or group session.
  • Liaising with both employees and employers in the adjustment of working environment changes.
  • Assisting with the planning and development of Menopause Awareness Campaigns.
  • Working alongside staff to build an internal support group and wellbeing community.

Have you ever felt as though there was no one to talk to? That you are completely alone?

Well many women who are going through this transitional phase in their lives feel exactly that.

They are also afraid to discuss the menopause with partners, friends and within the workplace. This makes them feel isolated and alone, which can result in depression.

Approximately 13 million women in the UK are either Peri or Post Menopausal and, with retirement age reaching an all-time high, these women will be in employment for a lot longer.

Symptoms can last from the early ’40s to mid-’50s, and sometimes younger.

Almost half of the menopausal women say they feel depressed, and one-third of women say that they suffer from anxiety.

Menopause doesn’t just mean hot sweats and sleepless nights, there are over 34 different symptoms.

Quite often these symptoms are misdiagnosed resulting in women being treated with other medication such as anti-depressants.

Two-thirds of women say there is a lack of support and understanding.


But with a workplace initiative, we can make a difference to these women’s lives.

We can help them to feel positive about the future, and able to manage their symptoms in a far better way.

They can still build their career and enjoy their working life.

By taking the initiative as an employer the wellbeing of your employees becomes paramount to the success of your company.

And with so there being so much emphasis on the menopause now it is vital that action is taken.

Adjusting your companies policies would ensure all employees are protected.

Positive Menopause doesn’t just focus on menopause in the workplace, it also works with communities enabling a positive and safe place for all women to be able to meet. Communities should also be incorporated within the workplace, bridging the gap between management and employees. Thus establishing relationships and friendships which encourage growth.

Sometimes it can become increasingly difficult to speak about the way you are feeling. So we don’t say anything.

This is detrimental to our wellbeing and mental health.

That is why the community group was initially set up and that is why it continues to thrive and develop.

We would love more and more women to come together and unite with one another.

And if you would like to set up your own community group in your area then we would be delighted to advise and support you with this.

Or if you are struggling at work, and feel that you can no longer cope with even the day to day tasks and you don’t know what to do about it, then please get in touch.


How will I benefit?

What is Workplace Menopause Coaching?

Workplace menopause coaching provides a tailor-made strategy depending on the number of employees you have to increase menopause awareness within your business.

What will this tailor-made strategy incorporate?

We will help to build internal relationships, training and menopause awareness. Providing support for managers and HR alike.

We will help to build an internal structure of support by way of focus and support groups.

Provide a point of contact as a mediator when subjects are a little too uncomfortable for individuals to discuss with management. Whether that be externally provided or internally.

Look at the workplace environment in general and ascertain as to whether any small changes could be made to provide a more comfortable place of work.


Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No, we don’t just work with established companies, we also work with individuals who feel that they need support and guidance in approaching their managers or HR.

We are also able to assist health practitioners in providing additional support for their patients.




Do You Offer Ongoing Workplace Support?

As a company, we don’t just want to come in providing the service and walk away. We want to build relationships with our clients to enable ongoing support.

Can I contact you as an individual?

Yes, of course. You don’t have to contact us just to discuss your situations at work. You may be struggling in your relationships, friendship groups, with confidence or many other areas that you just feel that having someone impartial to share these feelings with seems impossible.

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