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We know how important it is to have the required resources to hand. Please keep your eye out as we add more to this page.

If you would like resources about certain issues surrounding menopause then please contact us.

Positive Menopause Journal

This journal will give you the tools you need to understand and take control of the following areas of your life so that the season of menopause will be a joyful one.

  • What is menopause?
  • What are the symptoms associated with menopause?
  • What is HRT?
  • How do I know if HRT is suitable for me?
  • How can my journey be positive?
  • Alternative therapy
  • Vital vitamins
  • How to discuss menopause with loved ones
  • Exercise
  • Menopause and the workplace – (with advice on how to approach your employer)
  • Weekly wellness tracker
    • Menstrual
    • Sleep
    • Mood
    • Activity
    • Medication
    • Notes
  • Weekly wellness journal
    • Thoughts
    • Gratitude
    • Positivity
    • Learn about yourself

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