Tina Turner: Lessons in Embracing Your Authentic Self During Menopause

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Recently, I found myself captivated by a documentary about the extraordinary life of Tina Turner. Her journey left a lasting impression on me, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the tragedy she endured and the ongoing challenges she faced. However, what truly resonated with me was the invaluable lessons we can learn from Tina Turner’s remarkable story. In the context of menopause and the unique experiences women go through during this phase of life, Tina Turner’s example shines through as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration.

Embracing Authenticity

One of the qualities that stood out about Tina Turner was her unapologetic ownership of her identity. Despite the horrors she endured in her relationship with Ike, the abuse she suffered, and the suffocating control experienced, Tina always knew who she was. This was evident every time she took the stage. Her choice of bold and provocative outfits was an extension of her true self. She never hid her personality, fearlessly showing the world her authentic self.

Reflecting on Tina’s boldness prompts us to ask ourselves:

  • Do we hide who we are, particularly during menopause when we may feel vulnerable?
  • Do we dress in ways that allow us to fade into the background, losing sight of our vibrant personalities?
  • Do we let our circumstances rob us of our true selves?

Remember, regardless of the insensitivity of life’s challenges and the added complexities of menopause, you are still you, and no one can take that away.

A Love that Transcends Hurt

Tina Turner’s life was filled with heartache. She was rejected by her husband, subjected to abuse, and even left for dead. Her mother had walked out on her when she was young, showing no remorse. Despite these painful experiences, Tina chose to love with a whole heart. She refused to let bitterness consume her. Instead, she forgave Ike and even found herself loving her mother again when they were reconciled. By letting go of anger and resentment, Tina found the freedom to love and live again.

Consider the following:

  • Can we still love despite the hurts we’ve experienced during menopause or in our lives?
  • Do we tend to blame others or ourselves when life doesn’t go as planned?
  • Are there regrets that continue to weigh us down?

These emotional burdens can be resolved, and we can live a fulfilled life full of joy and purpose, even during menopause. If you need guidance in this journey, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’m here to help.

Tina Turner: The Power of Identity When Tina Turner divorced Ike, there was one thing she fought to retain: her name. Interestingly, “Tina” was not her birth name but a stage name given to her by Ike before their marriage. Yet, she wanted to keep it. Why? Because Tina Turner had made that name her own. She became known as the “Queen of Rock,” a powerful embodiment of strength and talent.

Let’s reflect on the significance of our names:

  • What does your name say about you?
  • Your name represents your uniqueness, strength, lovability, and inner beauty. It defines who you are. Embrace it.

Tina Turner’s life offers us profound lessons on embracing our authentic selves during the menopause journey.


She teaches us to own our identities, loves unconditionally despite pain, and cherish the power of our names. As we navigate the complexities of menopause, let’s draw inspiration from Tina Turner’s resilience, humour, and heartfelt approach.


Remember, you have the strength to face this transformative phase of life with grace.

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