5 of the best vitamins to take during the Menopause

Here we are giving a rundown of the top 5 vitamins required during the menopause. Many can be found by eating a healthy diet, however, on the odd occasion, it may be necessary to add supplements to your diet. Particularly if we have a diet that means that certain food groups are not consumed on a regular basis if at all.

1. Calcium

Calcium is needed to promote strong bone health. Of course, as women begin the process of menopause their bones become weaker which can lead to issues such as osteoporosis. And as with any vitamins or minerals, it is advisable to obtain these from food if possible.

On a side note doing weight-bearing and weight training exercises, help builds muscle can also have a positive effect on bone density.

 2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is required for bone health. Without it, the body struggles to absorbed calcium. One of the main area’s that vitamin D is supplied to the body is through sunlight. Obtaining enough sunlight through the winter month’s can prove to be a little tricky. And of course, there is the added issue of sun damage to the skin. Therefore it is vital that we eat a diet rich in Vitamin D.

So how does Vitamin D benefit the body? Well for a start off it helps to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

Foods that are rich in Calcium and Vitamin D

Milk, Cheese, Dairy, Green Leafy Vegetables (Kale, Spinach) Sardines, Mackrell, Salmon, Mushrooms, and Tuna.

A more extensive list can be found here Food Nutrition


3. Vitamin B6

B6 has been know to help with low serotonin levels. These include loss of energy and depression. It is a well-known fact that one of the symptoms of the menopause is low mood. So it would be advisable to ensure that Vitamin B6 is prioritised with any diet. Especially during the menopause.

Foods that are rich in Vitamin B6

Soya Beans, Banana’s, Oats, Peanuts, Chicken and Pork


4. Magnesium

Magnesium helps our bones stay strong. So adding this alongside Vitamin D and Calcium is vital. Of course, it also helps with restless legs. This is something that I particularly suffer with, and if you can’t get it under control a good nights sleep can become a thing of the past.

Having said that it also helps with depression and heart health.

Foods that are rich in Magnesium

Dark Chocolate, (Now I did wonder why Aidan from MA Fitness told us, ladies, to eat two pieces before bed) avocado’s, lentils, chickpeas, whole grains and seeds.


5. Omega 3

Omega 3 is responsible for helping to keep our blood sugar levels stable. It also aids towards our hormone balance, joint flexibility and circulation, anti-inflammatory response, positive mood, eye, brain and nervous system. So you could say that it is pretty important.

It is far better to consume foods that are higher in Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA as the bodies digestive system find these easier to break down and absorb.

Foods that are rich in Omega 3

Fish and marine algae.



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