Menopause and Allergies

Explore the link between menopause and allergies. Uncover triggers, understand symptoms, and discover potential relief strategies.

allergies during menopause

What if I can’t use HRT? 

Explore alternative solutions to HRT for managing menopause symptoms in our latest blog post. Understand the roles of antidepressants, Tibolone, Clonidine, and complementary medications, and learn why individual choice is paramount in your menopause journey.

brain fog in menopause

Brain Fog or Memory Loss?

Would you know the difference between brain fog and memory loss? What are the classic symptoms of menopause v ageing?

brain fog in menopause

Joint Pain and Digestive Issues during Menopause


What causes joint pain and digestive issues during menopause, and is there anything that we can do to support our wellbeing thus eleviating these problems.

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