Why you should ditch the scales

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Hi, my name is Joanne, and I would like to share my recent experience with all women going through Menopause.  I hope it may help some of you who feel discouraged about what the scales are saying!

Whilst having a lovely week in Padstow with my family, I visited a friend who lives there. We were having a lovely chat, sharing a bottle of wine and whilst spending a penny, noticed she had a set of scales in the bathroom (mine at home were locked away in the airing cupboard). I stepped onto them and felt horrified at what they were saying to me and quite frankly immediately asked her if they were wrong.

Before stepping onto the scales, I was feeling quite good about myself. I regularly walk, visit the gym at least five times a week, and feel much more confident in my appearance. I had begun to accept the changes the menopause was having on my body. When I put my clothes on to go out, I felt confident about my appearance.

I have two wonderful boys, Ben, who is 29 and Sam, who is 24, and they say it as it is. As I returned that evening feeling quite frankly depressed about my experience on the scales, they sat me down and gave me some straight talking. Their words were, “Mom, you look great, you are 55, and we are proud of you and how you look, ignore the stupid scales”.

Ladies, our mental wellbeing is so vital on this journey. I have had a challenging few years and coped tremendously. This scales event made me realise how reliant we can become on what we think we should be. We need to accept who we are and not strive for a number on the scales.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising, getting enough sleep, focusing on a well-balanced diet is essential for ladies not striving to be a number. The scales have now gone in the bin!

Written by Joanne Rasmin

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