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Positive Menopause

First and foremost we are a community group that supports women from all walks of life and backgrounds.

We meet on a regular basis to share our lives, to build friendships and walk beside one another.

We know that the Menopause is not just about hormones. It is a time in our life that we should be experiencing positive change. That’s is why you will find advice, support, a forum and articles about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness. We would love you to be part of this journey with us.

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Dry Skin During the Menopause

Dry Skin can be ever-present during Menopause, and especially now that the colder weather is on its way. But is there anything that can actually help us…


Sex during the Menopause


During the menopause, the female body starts to reduce the amount of oestrogen and testosterone it produces.

Along with all of the other effects this can have, it can also lead to the loss or reduction of sex drive.


Many women may begin to notice that they are not aroused as easily, and their bodies are a lot less sensitive to touch and stimulation. And because of this along with many other factors, a woman has to face during this time in her life, her interest in activity partaking in any form of lovemaking may result in a loss of interest in sex.

How to get a good night sleep, even during the menopause!


Sleep is so underrated in today’s society. We live in a culture that tells us that our days should never end. That we can squeeze in that extra hour on that project that is killing our joy. 

Testosterone or not Testosterone?

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is one of the sex hormones that women produce. Many people think of it as the “male hormone”, but women need to have testosterone too. In fact, women produce three times as much testosterone than oestrogen before the menopause.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Vaginal Dryness…


Can fillers really help to relieve symptoms of Vaginal Dryness? 


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