Dry skin during the menopause, and beyond

If you are anything like the rest of us you may have taken your skin for granted for the best part of your life. Think sunbeds, large amounts of wine and the odd sleepless night. You may have even been proud of your cleanse, tone and moisturise skincare routine. However, when it comes to the skin on our body, I  don’t think we have paid much attention to it.

Or maybe we have found more pressing things to do like fold the washing, or clean the bathroom. And even though we are told time and time again to prioritise yourselves we seldom do.

The market is full of products offering us the perfect quick fix. So to take the time out of your quest for silky smooth legs, or to just help you feel a little less rhino I’ve shared some great products that I use myself.

1. Sukin Soap Free Body Wash

Being a massive fan of the full product range by Sukin. However, when it comes to washing your body I do think that we sell ourselves short. I know that you can get some cheap body wash from your local discounted store, but a) you will end up using twice as much b) they really can dry your skin out.

2. Aproderm

This is another favourite when it comes to shower gel. As it has a thick and rich formula specifically designed for Eczema and Psoriasis, it is a great product to use on areas such as shins and the backs of feet.

3. Bioderm – Shower Oil

And don’t you think that a bit of shower oil makes the whole process feel a little more luxurious. And of course, it really does help feed the skin. 

4. La Roche-Posay

This is such an amazing brand and a bathroom cupboard staple. To be honest you will be hard pushed to be disappointed with any of their products. This one though is definitely a favourite, and if you are not the biggest fan when it comes to using body lotion you really mind slapping a touch of this on after a long soak in the bath.

This balm also helps with spacing our flare-ups, and it is anti-irritation.

5. Bioderm – SOS Spray

Now if you are not into creams, maybe this could be the answer. One quick spray and you are done for the day. Getting dressed straight after is not a chore either. This product is extremely lightweight and easy to apply. However,  maybe stand on a towel when spraying as it can be a little slippery underfoot after. 

Whatever your preference though, your skin requires at least two litres of water a day, as well as a balanced diet full of the correct Vitamins and Minerals


  1. Lesley Brooksbank-Farnhill

    Aproderm was the only thing that stopped the unbearable itching I experienced on my upper arms neck and chest, accompanied by a hot rash – it was effective almost immediately and an absolute life saver.

  2. Lynn

    I find I itch in my armpit. I’ve tried loads of different products and I don’t have a rash so I’m at a loss now 🥺


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