Friendships and Menopause


Here’s to the moments that turned into memories, with friends that have turned into family. I am glad to have a friend like you by my side.

 If we take a step back and view our lives as though we are looking through a window, how many friends would you see come and go during your journey? There would be those friends at school, friends at various youth clubs, friends at the dance, swimming or extra curriculum activities. Those friends we made at work, those we made on the school playground. Those we made at the gym, sewing, or dance classes. 

But how many of them are we still friends with, and what actually constitutes a good friendship, and is it possible to still make friends even though we are not always in the position to do so?

I know for me that many friends have come an gone. Some are still around, and some are not. I also know that sometimes we have to let friendships go just like relationships with partners because they are just not edifying. 

In fact, it is sad to say that what may have seemed like a dream friendship can turn into a nightmare. I am sure that many of us have experienced this in varying ways.

But what actually makes a good friend and why are they so important. And do we actually need them in our lives as much now that we are in a different season?

Well, the answer to that is yes we do.

And you know just like when we are looking for a potential life long partner, and we think we have a list of all of the qualities we need, the first thing we have to do is throw away that list.

Because different friends fit different reasons. I for one know that if I needed a friend to confide in I would only really contact one or two of my friends. If I wanted a friend who I could have a fun night out with I know who that person would be. And say if I wanted to run something past someone who I know will be honest, supportive and kind I may well contact a different friend.

You see no two people are the same, and I am still learning that you cannot rely on everyone for the same things. In the same way, they could not rely on you for every part of their friendships.

But one thing we do know is that at all times we should care, be kind and support one another. We may not always understand why a person does what they do, or says what they say, and that quite often it is from a place that they struggle with and has nothing to do with us.


Friends are a blessing, however, if you do find yourself in a situation whereby that friendship is becoming one-sided and you are beginning to feel drained, then you also have the right to walk away.

Having any form of negativity in our lives whether, through friendships, relationships, work, etc can have a detrimental effect on how we deal with many of the menopause symptoms, as well as our mental wellbeing.

So my friends its good to have friends, and it’s good to be a good friend. Make sure that you examine how you behave too, and always be gracious, forgiving and kind, even if you have to move on to new friendships. Never hold onto anger or bitterness because it will destroy you and it will constitute to your symptoms during the menopause as well as general health and wellbeing. Remember to always run something by someone else who you know will tell you if you are wrong before you act on anything.

Once you have found those friends they will drive you mad and you will drive them mad, but you would never be without them xx


I recently had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady called Michelle Cooper. Michelle runs a friendship building website. I would highly recommend to go and check it out. All too often as we age it gets more difficult to build new friendships which is a real shame x


Our Facebook group is a place where you can share your thoughts feelings and struggles, as well as having fun together x



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